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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Garden Update - Greenhouse disaster!

So, it's been a long time since I posted.  I can't exactly say why except that summer is busy...
and it's quickly winding down...
and I've been disappointed with our cool wet summer weather....
and the mediocre results of my garden...
and  I was out of town at a conference... (nothing to do with this blog), but I'll post some pics of my trip on Friday anyway.
Enough excuses?

It's looking rather fall like around here
I came home to the disappointing realization that powdery mildew has taken over my cucumbers
And my tomatoes
and my basil (notice the chickweed is untouched!) Anybody have an organic treatment? Advice on avoiding in the future?
Not a huge loss I suppose, this is what all of my tomatoes look like anyway... all 5 of them...
This is a sampling of what I harvested today, the last of the cauliflower, the zucchini is winding down, as are the peas, the last of the cucumbers, and the first of the beans.  I wasn't sure we were going to get any beans this year, so I'm happy I'll at least get 1 meal out of it. I've harvested some from almost everything I planted, but am disappointed that I didn't' get enough of anything to preserve.  We got a 2 week late start on the garden season, and it was a very cool and wet summer.
Anyone guess where I've been?


  1. Sorry to hear about the powdery mildew. I had that on my lilac seedlings last year and tried to research it. Not much you can do about it. There was one suggestion about urinating on the plants - but lilac bushes are one thing and vegetables are another right? The lilacs were fine this year. Maybe you will have a better year next year. Love the fall photo!

  2. Hi, I believe that milk sprayed on powdery mildew helps, not that I've tried it. I have used baking soda (1tsp per litre of water)plus several drops of tea tree oil and a squirt of dishwashing liquid per litre as a fungus preventative on tomatoes. It was effective against blight too. Maybe next year. Hope springs eternal and all that 8-) Sue

  3. Michaele, ha, ha, I think I'll be passing on the pee idea! Funny, have never heard that, but useful for non food items.

    Anonymous, interesting I haven't seen the milk either, I'll have to look into it for next year, this year is a loss. I'll have to do some prevention next year with the mix you talked about. Last year aphids, this year powdery mildew... Ugh, here's hoping next year goes well.

  4. Congrats on that little harvest and don't give up! Gardening is hard... I remember my disastrous garden in it's first years!

  5. Every harvest is a blessing. Even though it is little, it is still something to be proud of. Thanks for sharing your experience here.