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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Squirrel Time

That's what this time of year feels like, we're squirrels storing up for the winter.  Storing berries, rose hips, food from the garden, and my least favorite, wood hauling.  I did all this this weekend, here are pictures of our day out wood hauling.

High Bush Cranberries were picked

There were lowbush cranberries there too, but they need a frost to be ready, and it's not time to pick them yet

Rose hips were picked
Wood hauling involves a permit, driving miles out a dirt road and cutting up downed, dead trees.  It's my least favorite, because it's HARD!!!  We would hand carry it from where the tree was down to the trailer.
This year we have an older 4 wheeler that we tried pulling cut logs out near the trailer, and it worked really well!

So well that while the boys worked, this is what my daughter did and I read a book
Once by the trailer we cut them to size

And loaded them into the trailer.  It really was easy! One load down, 6 more to go....


  1. we {as in mountain man} has been gathering wood too...but i have a feeling y'all get a wee colder than we do here in oklahoma! ;)

  2. LOL probably, and cold a lot sooner and later too!

  3. Mountain mama said what I was thinking. We have been a gathering as we have no furnace only a woodstove. Of course the desert of NM is far warmer than you all. We never got to far below zero last winter and it was our coldest winter in several decades.

    Course I suppose it is like when folks visit NM in January and they are from a snow state. They think it is a tropical paradise here and so warm!~