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Friday, September 30, 2011

Around the Farm

Wow was it only September 7th that I posted it was starting to look fall like around here?  Well the leaves are all gone from the trees, and today we had our first flurries of the year, nothing that stuck though.  It's definitely chilly out there!
My backyard September 7th

My backyard September 30th

We finally got some freezes and I have everything out of the garden and greenhouse.  One more garden season in the books.  One of these days I'll go over what went well and didn't.  It was a late starting season, chilly and wet.  Basically the usual cold season crops, greens, peas, and potatoes did really well.  Any of the marginal items such as tomatoes and pumpkins, not so much....
We've had a freeze, but not even enough to take the sunflowers.  They didn't bloom because I forgot to start them until too late.

The greenhouse could have probably gone a bit longer, if only it wasn't all dead from powdery mildew

The freezers are more than full stuffed with turkeys, chickens, caribou, and salmon and berries.  Not so much with vegetables, they garden just wasn't that great this year, but I'll take the meat!

The wood shed is getting fuller, we need at least a few more trips.  We've had some issues, rain that made the road not passable, a broken chainsaw, and broken 4 wheeler than slowed us down.  

We've been burning wood for the last week, and the house now is feeling cozy and warm again.  I hate hauling the wood, but I love the feeling of the house heated with it!

I really look forward to this time of year.  As much as I love summer, the pace is crazy and by the time September comes to an end, I'm exhausted ready to slow down! 

Ok, I don't really have a dog team, it's just a fun sign I found when we were out wood cutting.


  1. awesome! i love to hibernate in the winter...if only we could! :) love the tile behind the wood stove!

  2. Thanks, my husband's first attempt at tiling.

  3. I thought id stop by your blog and say hello. And i hope your enjoying the beautiful fall weather that has begun. Richard from Amish Stories.