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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fall is coming to an end...

The geese and Sandhill Cranes are gathered at Creamer's Field for a stop before heading south.  The trees are nearly bare.  The woodshed is almost full.  The raised garden beds and greenhouse sit empty.  The frenzy of summer is coming to an end and our short fall too. 

 Fall is only about 3 weeks long, and every minute of it is planned to be ready for winter.  Even though we plan to spread woodcutting out over the summer, we don't,  and end up going every weekend until we have 6 cords.  There is the rush to get the garden and berries picked and preserved.  The furnace serviced, summers toys packed away or buried under the snow until spring, and the random projects... like the heater core my son's car needs.

As much as I adore the 24 hours of sunlight, flowers, gardening, and the absence of snow, the frenzied pace of summer is exhausting, and I love the slower pace of winter.   Shhhh don't tell anyone I said that.  Be sure you don't remind me of this post when I complain about -40 this winter.


  1. Hi there, Reading your post and thinking how do you do it. Only 3 weeks of fall. I am not crazy about summer but I love the fall so much and ours last about 6 to 7 weeks before it starts to get cold. We do a lot of the same stuff to prepare for winter too. But we definitely don't get the cold and snowy winters like you. Take Care stay warm, Anna

  2. We are getting our wood cut now too! I agree with you on the slower pace of winter, but I think yours is slower than ours! I love fall, but I love winter too! I live at 9000 feet elevation in Colorado, so we get pretty chilly too! Right now, the snow is just on our mountain tops though :)