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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ice Art Championship 2011

A few weeks ago we attended the Ice Art Championship 2011, it's an event held every year, and artists from around the world come to compete.  We go to enjoy the amazing sculptures of course, but it is an event in my mind that marks the end of winter.  By the end  of March were back to about 12 hours of light, usually (but not always) the severe cold is behind us, and spring is on it's way.  The kids go because they have fun!  There are large and small ice slides, and various other play items made of ice for the kids, they enjoy the sculptures too.  Our digital camera decided to die very quickly into the visit, so unfortunately we didn't get many pictures, but I'll share the few we got.  I'll also post a link for the web site Ice Alaska


  1. That is really neat! Nice photos and NICE artwork!

  2. wow...they are fantastic....was one of these the winner? I can't imagine one being any better than these..they are truly stunning.

  3. The middle pink and blue horse won 4th, but nope the rest weren't even winners.