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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Homemade Ricotta

There are certain foods that I always buy organic, diary is always on that list. Ricotta is expensive to buy organic, especially if I need a large quantity like for lasagne.  It's the only cheese I have attempted to make, and I have found that it's very simple and I have make it for about half of what it would cost to buy. 
I use whole milk, lower fat can be used, but will make a smaller amount of ricotta. This can be done in a regular pot, I use a double boiler because the milk scalds easily.

Heat to 200 degrees.  In the double boiler, I usually don't quite get past 195, but it still works well

Once heated, add 1/2 cup lemon juice per 2 quarts of milk

Give it a brief stir, and I let it sit a couple minutes and the curds will separate out
Drain through cheese cloth.  I cant find real cheese cloth which is more fine, but several layers of the usual store variety works well enough.  Save the whey that drains off and use in baking such as bread.
I make a whole gallon at a time, and let the first batch drain while the second is heating.  Once ready I push the first batch to the side, and pour the second batch in to drain.  I leave the second batch a little wet.
Salt to taste, and spoon into a storage container or use right away.  Here is what the final product looks like (again I apologize for the Iphone pic).  It's got a different texture than store bought, maybe a little more dry, but I like it, especially for half the price of store bought. 


  1. Yummmmm. I've been wanting to try making my own cheese. And I loooove ricotta! Thanks for the instructions!

  2. I just have to try this! Thanks for making it look easy.

  3. Oh I forgot to add don't use ultra pasteurized milk, I've heard it won't work, never tried it myself.

    Let me know if the directions work out, suggestions are always appreciated!

  4. Great photos and directions! I have made Ricotta a few times, and you have just encouraged me to make more ;D Have a great day