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Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Family Hike

Yesterday we did a family day hike.  It was a hike we attempted as a family a couple years ago, but at that time my daughter was in a whining, complaining, thinking she can't hike stage.  That day she successfully complained so much about a mile into it, my husband took her back to the car and the boys and I continued.  What a difference a year makes, she not only completed the hike, but did most of it barefoot too!
That mountain in the background is Mt. Healy, taken from our starting point, the visitors center at Denali National Park.  We are hiking to the top of Mt. Healy, a 1700 foot climb.
I started out in regular shoes, but changed into my Vibrams, they handle the slippery rocks a lot better, and my feet feel better wearing them.
Still a big chunk of ice over the creek
Poor pic because I was using my iphone, but getting closer to the top
Almost there!
Yea, the top and awesome views, looking back at the parking lot we started from, and time for lunch, I'm starved!
Heading back down
Preferring the foot's natural ability to grip the rocks like her mom, my daughter did most of the hike barefoot, her shoes in her backpack.
Not part of the hike at all, but passed the Large Animal Research Station here in Fairbanks on our way home an grabbed a shot of a musk ox close to the fence.


  1. truly beautiful, what great family time!!

  2. Thanks for sharing a hike I would have love to have been along on. I am curious about the Vibrams. I will be checking them out.