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Friday, June 24, 2011

How does my garden grow?

Sorry about my lack of posting this week, I've been a bit under the weather.  I decided to post an update on how the garden, chickens and turkeys are doing.  Please excuse the poor picture quality, my digital camera died and I'm down to just my iphone.
So far the greenhouse cucumbers look much better than last year.  The milk jugs didn't do much to keep it warmer, but they seem to work quite well at keeping it cooler on the really hot days.
My Maintoba tomato has some buds!  They seem to have recovered nicely.
The jalapenos in the cold frame are doing well, and we have buds and a few peppers growing
The sungold snacking tomatoes I have in the outdoor pot are also doing much better and have a couple buds.
The rhubarb is growing well, one of my few perennial fruits.
I have some yellow summer squash going, zucchini too, but the picture was blurry.
A patty pan squash too, my first time growing these.
The broccoli is growing too, not big enough to form any heads yet though
The greens have taken off finally.
The cabbage too.
Eagerly awaiting the peas to start flowering.  Got them nicely weeded and mulched with some straw.
The potatoes are up and hilled.

The turkeys are getting big, and come begging at the fence for chickweed snacks as much as the chickens do!
The chickens enjoying their summertime treats.
Bailey our puppy is getting big.
Ok so she's not a garden, chicken or turkey, but she is stinkin' cute, and so busy, she makes our hyper springer appear calm.

 Well that's what's going on in my garden and around our place this week.  I have a front flowerbed to weed and to be terraced, and a flowerbed around a tree in the backyard that needs extreme help.  If I make headway on those I'll post some pics, bad, grainy iphone pics, but hey they'll be pics.


  1. Looking great! I love young turkeys. Glad you are feeling better. Not bad at all for phone photos.

  2. I love your garden...it looks fantastic....love your puppy dogs too...I have two helpers when I am in the garden too....always hunting for lizards...they are so funny.

  3. I really love your blog! Its a joy to have a peek into your daily life and gardens ~ thank you so much for sharing ;D

  4. Your garden plants look lovely. Better than mine, which are really struggling this year. I'm on my second replant of cucumbers - the firs two rounds molded.