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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Around the Farm

Our Second batch of chicks, Chuck's Barred Rock genes sure are strong, every chick looks just like him!

One of our first hatchings, ready to get outdoors real soon.

The turkeys are outside and in their new pen near the chickens

The Herbs finally got potted in the greenhouse

My somewhat sickly tomatoes They are looking better now that they are outside, but if anyone has any help for me I'd appreciate it!  I start them indoors under lights, they start out ok, then turn yellow.  I tried watering more, tried watering less, either way, they do the same thing.  All my other plants are totally find, it's just the tomatoes.
The Cucumbers are doing well in the greenhouse

The wild roses are blooming
The potatoes are up

The rhubarb is getting big

 And so are the Chile's

That is what is going on around our homestead this week.   What's going on around your place?


  1. If you can get a hold of some worm tea, or some compost tea, that might perk up your tomatoes... it worked well for mine!

  2. Thanks for the reminder of the compost tea, I can make some of that. They finally are taking off and looking better. Do you start your tomatoes from seed? If so what kind of soil did you use? Do you fertilize? I have no idea why those starts die, and the rest flourish!