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Monday, May 2, 2011

This weekend on the farm - What a difference a week makes!

The snow for the most part is gone from the yard, now just waiting for green up!

The chickens are enjoying full use of their yards digging and rolling around in the dirt.  

The snow is off of the garden, although it is still too swampy and wet to get around in there.  We are experimenting with different covers or not to see if it makes a difference in the temperature.  This coming weekend I think the ground will be dry enough that I can put some of the hardiest seeds under the hoop house.
My milk jug experiment doesn't seem to be working much.  It is getting up to the 70's in there, but still down to 35 at night which is basically how cold it is outside.  So I'm not sure I'll get plants out there early.  

The indoor plants are still growing well.  I repotted some of the flowers, and moved some tomatoes into 6" pots.  The peppers and dill have gotten so tall they are up into the lights and I'm going to have to move the shelves around to make more room.
The Bronze turkeys are growing fast.  We REALLY need to get them off the paper and onto the litter below.  I'm just too short to reach into the box, so DH will have to do it.

The chicks are doing well.  They are apparently camera shy because they immediately ran behind their feeder and hid.  They are starting to get feathers on their wings.  

We have 60 eggs in the incubator.  Wednesday will be the first week.  Thursday evening we will candle them for the first time and see how many are developing.

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