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Friday, May 27, 2011

Around the Farm

Its green!!!
DH is replacing the fence for the dogs yard
Our newest batch of chicks, out of the 60 eggs we started, we ended up with 37 chicks
The turkeys are getting big, and with the warm weather time to get them out of the garage and into their yard!
One of the 9 surviving chicks from our first hatch, they are getting big and have lost almost all of their baby feathers.
The weather FINALLY warmed up!  Boy did it, it's going to be 80 today!  pumpkins in the hoop house, the need extra heat to grow here so they get covered at night and when it's cool out
My root vegetables are coming up, but as you can see, I'm growing a bumper crop of chickweed!  Ugh!
My first Ancho chile, they also get covers at night
Tomatoes and cucumbers planted, lots of herbs and some flowers that need to be put into bigger pots.  The milk jugs from my failed attempt at warming the place, I think I'll move them to the floor pretty soon.


  1. Looking good! That is going to be a great dog fence - plenty high.

  2. Things are looking very green! I've been trying to get a new fence on my west border since Easter. Very frustrating not to be able to get things done.

  3. hi
    your plants looking great.
    have a nice week,