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Sunday, May 27, 2012

What's Going On Around Here

Ok, so I'm soooo far behind in my posting, that I'm going to do a picture post of what's going on.

In late March we went to san Antonio for a conference and enjoyed some 80 degree weather while we still had snow on the ground.  I came home April 1 to "break up"
The snow melted fairly quickly, but green up still didn't happen until mid May

Our older chickens are enjoying being out of their coop all day

Last weekend our Bronze Turkeys enjoyed moving from the garage to outdoors
We have a few replacement layers still in the garage, we have 4 Ameraucana and 2 Delaware.  Ameraucana have been our best layers all winter, we have never grown Delaware before.  We didn't hatch any, and we are not doing any chickens for meat this year.  (it refuses to quit writing in italics!)
The Rhubarb is coming up, no sign of the strawberries, apparently they didn't enjoy or -50 this winter.
The starts are being hardened off outdoors.  This could have happened much earlier and they should be in the ground already, but my life has been taken over by cupcakes!!!
Yep Wild Rose Cupcakes is still selling cupcakes at the Tanana Valley Farmers Market. 
The tomatoes did get moved out a couple weeks ago.  We did put some heating coils under the soil to keep it a bit warmer in there, with the intention of getting them out early May, but in reality we didn't need them because they didn't get moved out until mid May and it was plenty warm then.   They look great mostly because they were purchased from a greenhouse.  Mine managed to all die again this year after transplanting the first time.  I don't get it!
Pollinating with an electric toothbrush. 
Well that's a very quick update of the past 2 months!  This weekend our goal is to get the garden beds planted.


  1. looks like you've been busy!!! glad you made it to the states for some heat, does alaska even have a summer?

  2. Hi, my husband and I are doing our research and considering moving up that way, from north Texas, in April. We're wanting to get a place w/ at least a few acres and have some milk goats & chickens and a garden. Will it be a challenge to find chicken & goats to purchase up that way? I know the price of living is more expensive there, does that include farming and gardening equipment and & animals and feed & vet care?

  3. Hi Angel. I expect that everything from food to vet care will be more expensive than where you are. Although usually salaries are higher here also, which does offset that some. I'm from the pacific northwest and I don't really notice that much of a difference, compared to my friends from the south. It also depends on where in the state you are looking, I can only speak for the interior where I'm from. You shouldn't have a problem finding chickens and goats. For goat raising information in the interior check out Wildroots homestead blog. If you have specific questions, feel free to email me and I'll be happy to help if I can.