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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Not my typical morning......

Partly Cloudy Clear


It’s never my favorite kind of day when I wake up and it’s -38f, but not at all unusual for November in Interior Alaska.  However this morning was just not a good start.  On Wednesdays my son’s high school has a late start, so I will drive him to school because the bus comes at the usual time and hour earlier than he needs to be there.  Immediately when I went into the garage I knew something was up, it was HOT in there.  Apparently the zone valve is stuck, and it was 72, even though the thermostat was at 45.  So I run back upstairs to tell my husband. 

I get in my car to go, and its dead.  I had accidentally left my keys in and partially turned on.  So now hubby comes down to jump my car. I Get the son to school, slightly late for his Chemistry class, which has a test of course, because it’s that kind of day.   

Then head for the gas station because I had forgotten to fill up the night before.  I get to the station and realize I have no gloves!  Really?  Today I forget them when it’s -38?  Oh and ½ of the pumps are down, and the other half have people at them.  Great…..  So head over to a neighboring station, dig around in my car and come up with a thin, leopard print glove, and a hot pink fleece mitten, thanks to my kids who leave such things behind. A lovely look I might add, that I get to sport all day.  I pump my gas and FINALLY head off to work.  When I get there I realize I’ve been driving around in the dark with my headlights off!

The rest of my day was pretty uneventful, here's hoping tomorrow morning is the same, because it certainly won't be any warmer.


  1. I don't know how you do it. I couldn't stand it that cold. Not to mention how do you keep your car going and pipes not freezing. And just plain keep from freezing!
    Prayers with you.

  2. Our cars have block, oil pan and battery heaters hooked to a plug that hangs out of the front of our cars and we plug them in when they are outside. Pipes do freeze sometimes, but houses are built mostly so they are far enough in and insulated enough that they dont. Our house stays nice and toasty, and mostly when it's this cold I'm just outside to get from cars to buildings. It's a really dry cold, so it's really pretty easy to dress against. There are always people walking and riding bikes regardless of the weather though, even in -35....